Take a look at your personal brand explorers

Veronique van Camp

Account Executive, Antwerp

Veronique is here to support you in realization of your creative wishes. For her it is important to experience beautiful moments with her children, family and friends. She is a true nature lover and travels whenever she can, winter or summer.

Snezhina Doncheva

Junior Designer, Sofia

Positive creative girl born in Sofia. Snezhina; ‘I am happy to help brands connect with their communities, through strategy, identity, packaging and engagement. My wish is to make people happy connecting with their favourite brands’. She is always cheerful and ready for teamwork spirit. She also loves to travel, trying to combine the beauty of nature with oil paint on canvas.

Bart Jansen

Client Service Manager, Rotterdam

Bart says there is no challenge too big. As a true Client Service Manager he knows all ins and outs about the world of communication and has an eye for detail. With both feet, or four wheels, on the ground, he’s always about the personal approach and will guarentee the succes of your campaign. Feel free to put him to the test!

Isabelle Bar

Designer, Antwerp

Isabelle is a Graphic Designer at heart. She loves finding brand solutions and every client can benefit from her experience in packaging design and corporate identity. Her goal in life is to spread happiness, love and joy in life all around her. If her designs do not make you happy, what else will?

Jeroen Breed

Account Team Manager, Rotterdam

Jeroen Groen

Commercial Director, Rotterdam

As a little boy, Jeroen already knew that he wanted to become a creative guy in thinking and doing. During his youth (his superpowers prevented him aging) he had a career in fashion. The love for beautiful stuff and a good conversation kicked in with full force. Today he is not only a good listener but also manages to surprise his clients with new marcom insights. His goal in life? ‘Push the limits and have fun every day!’

Sebastiaan van Hamersvelt

Designer, Rotterdam

Sebastiaan is our quick perfectionist. Not only does this sound great but he really is just that. Even when under a healthy amount of pressure, he keeps his calm and manages to crack a few jokes at the same time. His proclaimed ‘d-i-y’ projects at home strongly benefit from his calm nature. In his rare spare time, he is off exploring the world.

Elis Kakit

Business Development Assistant, Sofia

Persistent hunter born under the sign of Gemini. Meeting new people and exploring opportunities is what gets Elis out of bed. A huge proponent of spending more time outdoors. Loves traveling and being surrounded by nature in her spare time. Her favourite quote; ‘You don’t close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long term successful business’ – Patricia Fripp –

Pascal Hollart

Art Director, Rotterdam

Pascal is your creative mister nice guy, concept killer, branding lover and pixel hugger. Until you piss him of with lame coffee that is. Besides his normal healthy passion for his wife and kids he often shows an abnormal passion for his work and co-workers. Other almost abnormal passions include; Mr. RF, his charity tennis tournament, photography and sushi to name a few earthly things. Most asked questions are; ‘WHY?’ and; ‘when can we travel at the speed of light?’

Erik Peters

Account Executive, Rotterdam

Erik is an optimist at heart. His colleagues know him as an out-of-the-box thinker and an enthusiastic ice-breaker. Always in to make your day! Due to his time and experiences abroad he’s been able to develop himself both as a person and as a well-rounded professional.

Lonneke Brittijn

Designer, Rotterdam

Jitske Vrolijk

Designer, Rotterdam

Jitske is a proud concept thinker and problem solver with a big love for design. She is also absolutely passionate about her horse and loves sports. Not only at Design Board, but in daily life Jitske is always thinking in solutions and little projects.

Sandrine Deshayes

Design Development Manager, Antwerp

Mark Schutte

Designer, Rotterdam

Mark is our rock-solid and experienced allround creative. He’s a maniac in ID, PS, AI and MU. On- or offline, he always creates cool and clear designs from any concept or idea. Believes that simplicity is not easy, but creates the best design. A regular hiker during lunch and not afraid to use his bike whenever possible. Be aware…he’s a mean sudoku-killer too.

Shenay Dauldji

Designer, Sofia

Her name is Shenay or Shani for short and she is our Brand Designer at Design Board in Sophia. Together with her co-workers she shapes colours and ideas to create memorable brands. Her unique superpower is that she can draw lines and dots for hours (Test her!) Loves; art, nature, fashion, cats and travelling (not combined). Above all she likes simple designs that have soul and purpose.

Sjors Verhagen

Account Executive, Rotterdam

Sjors was born and raised in Leidschendam and is a true ‘Hagenees’. Always in for a challenge whether it is climbing into a clients head or succeeding in sports. Strives to work hard, fast and accurate. When he leaves the office he goes home to his girlfriend and two cute kids.

Elena Sandalska

DTP Operator, Sofia

At Design Board Sophia Elena puts her heart into her work. Lucky for us not literally. She lives for adaptation design, making masters, range of adaptations, pack shots, 3D simulations and leaflets. Passionate about poetry, music, interior design, fashion, traveling, nature and flowers. She subconsciously sees the beauty in everything – from the tiny flowers on the ground to the fluffy clouds in the sky, from the early sunrise to the golden sunset. She appreciates the small things which make her life so wonderful.

Dean Brodie

Creative Director, Antwerp

Alexandrina Georgieva

HR Specialist, Sofia

She says that she is currently holding a very, if not, thé most inspiring role – the one of HR. Alexandrina; ‘People affairs is about dynamics, there’s no way you can manage to cope if you blossom within comfort and stability. This is why I love my job – every day gives me something new, a situation that I have never faced before, another opportunity to challenge my outlook and take a few steps further. This is constant growing, I love it!’

Thomas Lanners

Design Development Manager, Antwerp

Teodora Fartunova

Client Service Director, Sofia

Teodora is a business partner that truly understands your needs and is always able to help you navigate in the complex communication world. She’s known for her strong strategic and creative points of view and does not miss a chance to inspire, lead and evolve her team. Keywords when working with Teodora are: passion, curiosity, trust and respect.


Andrew Tarrant

Art Director, Rotterdam

Born in a small village in the UK. Andrew later switched to the larger village of Amsterdam and never left. He loves getting his teeth into communication problems and looking for unusual solutions. He also enjoys losing himself, a fair bit of his time, in good films, painting and photography.

Blagovesta Zhelyazkova

Communication Expert, Sofia

Blagovesta is an ambitious, hardworking and out of this world sincere girl. Someone who believes in the power of communication. She says that having open communication channels with everyone can significantly benefit the team and the results they produce. Design, fashion and elegance as an attitude are passions in her everyday life. Loves people who make a difference and have their own signature.

Mitko Mitev

Junior Designer, Sofia

Say hello to the youngest member of the Design Board Sofia team. Mitko is a creative thinker, who is focused on producing results. Always realistic when setting his goals. And consistently develops ways to efficiently achieve and often exceed those goals. How lucky are his clients? His hobbies; design, time travel, Netflix and nananananananananananananana……..Batman.

Désirée Nielen

Client Service Manager, Rotterdam

A true team player with the office team and the hockey team, that’s Désirée. Rain, snow or extreme heat, on Sundays’ you can find her at the hockey field. Nothing will stop her creating happy clients. ‘In our projects it is never about the one person’, she says. But about the collaboration with the team and the end result. Alone you might go faster, but together you will go further’. Who can argue with that?!

Carola van de Ven

Designer, Rotterdam

Carola is hailing from Brabant. A born creative with loads of energy. She manages to find that yin and yang balance between her creativity and a dose of common sense. ‘Deadlines are never an issue’, she says as a true solution-oriented mastermind. Believe it or not she is musically gifted as well. Playing the trombone and guitar. And speaks Spanish. Loves to go out, enjoys fitness, golf and makes lovely paintings. Her only enemy is time.

Martin Geel

Senior Interactive Designer, Rotterdam

Marijke van Hoof

Design & Development, Antwerp

Realizing 3D pack shots is what Marijke does best. Next to developing and creating artwork for any type of package. For her it is essential to give people a smile on their face, whether this is with a great design or an insane guitar solo. When she is not working she accompanies summer camps. Her rule to live by: GO team!

Ramon Remkes

Account Executive, Rotterdam

Ramon is always ready to get his teeth into the quests of different brands. He is driven at work, but evenso for this youth selection hockyteam who he coaches in his free time. Would describe himself as a tasteful, bold red wine with some surprising flavours….cheers!

Yoana Penina

General Manager, Sofia

Yoana helps her team excel with their plans and ideas by healtherly challenging them. Curious and alert by nature, she believes that curiosity did not kill the cat but helped it discover a new dimension. She believes that expanding your knowledge, widening your outlook and stretching your limits is an endless staircase which surely leads to success – no matter if it be professional or personal. Keep walking!

Dianne Baars

Account Executive Photography, Rotterdam

Dianne has a true camera obsession and is passionate about creating images together with her clients. Always pushes it to the limit but also has a guilty travel pleasure. In her spare time she mainly giggles with her friends but also believes life is incomplete without a tasty meal and bulldog cuddles.

Sanne van den Berg

Account Executive, Rotterdam

As a true Account Executive she’s always on a quest for getting things done and get’s excited about a BIG to-do list or good-looking back planning. Always in for a city trip or unknown destination. Loves breakfast outdoors, Scandinavian design, Instagram and hashtags (because they look like waffles!)

Maarten Quaadvliet

Designer, Rotterdam

Iveta Andreeva

Welcome Manager, Sofia

Iveta is effectively positive in her role as a Welcome and Travel Manager! Definitely keen on event planning and organizing office activities. Loves to be that true guest caring person and loves team bonding! Just like Super Glue, only better. Bulgarian folk dancing is a passion that truly inspires her in her personal life for over more than five years.

Dennis Dodeman

Production Manager, Rotterdam

Dennis is that one person every creative agency needs. He is the one that brings designers, photographers and account together to realize an output of outstanding quality. Within deadline. Next to this outstanding quality he’s also a familiyman interested in sports. Doesn’t back down from a challenge. Dennis’ words to live by: “It often seems impossible…until it’s done.”

Elisabeth Colpaert

Junior Designer, Antwerp

Elisabeth is a creative optimist who believes design is a powerful tool. As a Designer she wants to leave the world a little bit better than it was before. She is passionate about (packaging) design, photography and lifting weights at the gym. Always late.

Marianne Madsen

Client & Strategy Director, Antwerp

Marcel Foreman

Client Service Director, Rotterdam

Marcel was born in Hampstead (Londen, UK) and bilingually raised in both London and Amsterdam. He’s truly passionate about brands and driven to maximise client relationships. He’s almost as passionate for his love to travel, although he can still look forward to a quiet evening at home enjoying Italian red wine, with dito Italian food. Crazy about his family.

Gigi Alblas

Designer, Rotterdam

Bob Derommelaere

Account Manager, Antwerp

Bob has a multi-disciplinary background that’s rooted in industrial design and packaging development. He’s an experienced project manager, used to working in an international environment. As Account Manager for Design Board, Bob brings a fresh approach that is always responding to your business objectives.

Kim deSmet

Designer, Antwerp

With a passion for packaging Kim always commits a 100%, whether it is a small text adaption or developing a concept. She is always positive and enjoys the little things in life. It’s hard to stop Kim from smiling.

Cathy Daly

Finance Manager, Antwerp

As a Finance Manager Cathy knows all about the numbers. She follows all client’s budgets as if they were hers because she knows a budget is about giving every euro spent a purpose. Favourite quote: “Believe you can and you’re halfway there….”

Koen Geurts

Creative Director, Rotterdam

Koen was born in Belgium but has been living in The Netherlands for most of his life. He gets crazy motivated to bridge the gap between theory, strategy and all that is visual. Always challenging the clients and as a Creative Director he has an eye for setting up the right team with the right chemistry. Has branding and identity as a tattoo on his professional soul, is a musicfreak and an avid beer connoisseur in his spare time.

Marcel van der Kruk

Art Director, Rotterdam

Emiel van Dijk

Designer, Rotterdam

Emiel has always had a passion for drawing and actually started his career illustrating. He has been working in the communication industry for years and has specialized in packaging design and (good for us) excels in it. After work he sports or simply relaxes, always outdoors.

Hanne Bonnaerens

Account Executive, Rotterdam

Mariyana Timova

DTP Operator, Sofia

Keen on adaptation design and retouching. She even retouched herself into a non-existing tropical island and drank from a coconut! Mariyana has a keen eye for design with a good precision and technical performance. Passionately involved in office fun initiatives. Loves traveling and good food. Sees hearts around her – all natural and unarranged.

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